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Keith Harley Hair & Scalp Clinic treats all types of cosmetic hair problems including:

• Slow Hair Growth
• Dry Hair
• Dull Hair
• Limp Hair
• Hair Breakage
• Scalp Oiliness

The professional staff of Keith Harley Hair & Scalp Clinic recognizes that an eye-catching hairstyle full of body and shine begins with a healthy maintenance regimen from within the hair and scalp. Moreover, the staff prides themselves on educating clients in understanding that the proper preventive care and maintenance of the hair and scalp is essential for optimum longevity and appearance of the hair.

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The word Trichology gets its name from the Greek word, "Trichos" which means hair. Trichology is the science relating to and the application of the knowledge of the hair and scalp. Anyone who is concerned about their hair and scalp ranging from Pityriasis Capitis Simplex (dry dandruff) to Alopecia Areata (sudden loss of hair in round or irregular patches) should visit Keith Harley Hair & Scalp Clinic as well as those who desire general advice and treatments for dry lifeless hair.